Today’s class

UPDATE: As you will now know from the recent email, I have cancelled the class. Four of you wrote that you either could not come or were anxious about coming, and I didn’t hear from the other four. So, that seems like critical mass. You see how rapidly things can spread …

Just sent you all the following email to your uni addresses:

Have been pondering cancelling class as I understand some roads still difficult. Am reluctant as we only meet once a week, but do not want any of you to drive when it feels unsafe. As of right now, I am planning to be in class, but if I hear from a critical mass of you in the next half hour or so that you can’t make it in, I will let everyone know and we will postpone.

Have already heard from one person who can’t get out of their driveway, and another who has concerns.

Question: are you all set up for Skype?

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